This module is used to record, store and analyse customer complaint details

New Complaints

This function may be called directly from various nodes in the system when a customer has been selected.

Each complaint has associated with a type code and category used predominantly for reporting, these codes are maintained directly by the user via the supporting element functions, the type and category codes are complemented by free format describing the complaint.

Each complaint is given a unique number to act as a reference along with be tagged with the user code creating the complaint and data and time with an automatic initial status of active.

Resolving Complaints

This function may be applied to active complaints to change the status and record the resolution text, and date of resolution.

Editing Complaints

This function may be applied to active complaints to edit details recorded during the creation of the complaint.

cancelling Complaints

This function may be applied to active complaints to cancel the complaint.

complaint action history

This detail holds the actions on the complaint from creation to the resolution or cancellation and can be seen on the main complaint detail form.

complaint listing

This is an enquiry function that lists all complaints by status. Filters exist by:

Status; All, Live, Resolved, Cancelled.

As well as date range and/or customer account.

From the listing provided drill down facilities exists to show the detail of a selected complaint.

complaint Authorisation

This is the final stage of the complaint resolution process whereby a senior member of staff may oversee the resolution detail ansd assess whether the resolution is satisfactory and finally close the complaint.

During this stage final authorisation notes may be entered and if the resolution is rejected a reason code has to be entered and the status will revert back to a live complaint.

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