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Document Management

Heavily integrated with every element of the CoolLogic system is a set of functions to assist with the management of internally generated and externally generated documents. These documents might consist of; pdf documents, emails, system generated proof of deliveries & invoices, excel spreadsheets, scanned documents of any type, images or basically any document type that the client machine has the ability to open.

Document Source

In keeping with the standards of the rest of the CoolLogic software heavy use is made of drag and drop functionality and visual aids whereby single or multiple selections may be made from for example, your outlook email or from files in an accessible file system and simply dropped in to the document management system. Direct scanning is also supported on client system connected TWAIN compatible devices. System generated documents that will include delivery notes/proof of delivery documents, invoices etc. will be automatically inserted in to the document management system and automatically indexed.

"By implementing documents into CoolLogic, you'll free up time to spend on other vital areas of your company."
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Document Indexing & Retrieval

Key to the success of an efficient document management system is the ease of document retrieval. Any externally sourced document should be indexed on insertion to the system. Automatically generated documents from the system will be indexed automatically with pre-set parameters. Documents may be assigned at various key levels that include: customers, delivery points, system users, equipment, stock items etc. but also complementing this level of indexing are document categories and sub categories together with multiple tags/keys words that transgress the key element division.

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