leads & prospects

This element is a full sub system in its own right with its own dedicated dashboard and set of ribbon functions dealing with the activity of all leads and prospects prior to customer creations.

The primary functions include:

prospect dashboard

  • Searching for a prospect record using the option drop-down
  • Searching for a prospect record using the company name filter
  • Activity Grid & Filter
  • Prospect enquiry window, stages, contract enquiry etc.
  • Contract Enquiry/Print
  • Quotation Enquiry/Print

creating prospects records

  • Import from spreadsheet
  • Manual Entry
  • Express Entry

amending prospects records

  • Find in dashboard first and select item from ribbon.
  • Full Auditing of changes

prospect actions

Stage sensitive functions.

Amend the prospect record.


  • Recall existing quotations
  • Raise a new quotation
  • Products of interest categories and data required
  • Amend products of interest at the quotation stage
  • Preview Quote, Print Quote & Email Quote
  • Closing a quotation, successful or declined.


  • Via action window
  • Via ribbon wizard, entered data stored until saved.
  • Copy information from quotation.

Create Customers

  • Non Standard customer creation, includes initial order, with defaults.
  • Detail or express entry.
  • Copy information from contract.

Closing the lead.

Resetting the lead stage

ad-hoc prospect actions

  • Set a call-back.
  • Make an appointment, sent to mobile, email & sms, notifications
  • Generate a letter.
  • Generate an email.
  • Generate a SMS.
  • Add to a campaign.
  • Set an internal action.

contract wizard & New Customer Creation

Access via ribbon.

prospect notes

View & Take notes for the selected prospect.

call backs

Set a call back for the selected prospect.


Process held notifications.

user definable grid quieres

  • Prospect data field selection.
  • Grid View
  • Detail View
  • Filter Editor

supporting elements

  • Source of lead.
  • Nature of business
  • Products of interest
  • Campaigns
  • Email messages
  • Letters
  • Prospect Sales Users
  • Action Codes
  • Quotation Templates
  • Standard SMS Text

kpi enquiry

Parameters & Drill down to actions

dashboards & analytics

  • Dashboard Designer
  • Dashboard Viewer
  • Dashboard Categories
  • Dashboard Detail
  • Quotations By Salesperson
  • Contract Values By Salesperson
  • Quotations By Product
  • Salesperson Prospect Performance
  • Prospect Closure KPI
  • Prospect Performance Detail

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