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Whilst modular in nature the CoolLogic suite of applications maintain a common set of presentation and user interface characteristics many of which are controllable by the user allowing individual users to customise their own visual and presentation preferences. Such features include: menu system type, quick access user toolbar, mode background colours, grid element alternate colours and application themes that are inherited in every control on every form of the system

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key presentation features

User definable default characteristics:

  • Grid alternate colours
  • Text box mode colours
  • Default menu style
  • Personal & global reminders

Multi Document Interface

Automatic application alerts

User definable quick access toolbar

Choice of 3 menu styles:

  • Button bar
  • Drop down
  • Tree List

On-Line Help:

  • Form help through pop-down menus
  • User maintainable form help
  • Training videos on line
  • Form field help through tool tip text

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Document Management

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