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In relation to pricing we are extremely flexible and try to cater for all budgetary constraints with flexible payment methods, software module selections and operating environments that include our cloud hosted options and monthly software leasing options.

We believe that a package solution will not cover all customers requirements and we use our nearly thirty years experience developing bespoke applications to offer the functionality the client would require additional to the very functional base that already exists in the product. With this in mind we do not have a fixed pricing strategy and where there is interest in CoolLogic that satisfy the clients requirements we would never want to lose the sale on the basis of price within reason.

An indication of what clients have paid to date varies greatly dependent upon unlimited company, unlimited user licence purchase depending on modules selected and levels of bespoke additions.

If the client wishes to preserve capital then monthly leasing options are also available that are obviously less cost effective the longer the software is implemented.

A simple guide to some of our monthly leasing options are as follows:



Per month


Per month


Per month

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ExpertLogic is a professional and dedicated team of expert software developers and specialises in the development of cost effective custom software using the latest technology.


Certainly, you add any new modules as and when you need them. Our philosophy is our software is continually evolving and when your business is ready to upgrade the system is there and waiting for you. We are your business partner throughout the life of your company and we hope you can benefit from this strategy which will always remain flexible.

Once you have selected an option, a representative will be in touch to help you with your setup. Your option selection will determine the support you will receive but all options come with Self Help videos and written instructions.

Those customers who have opted for the “LITE” option will be offered “Email” Support. Our “Email” support allows customers to email our support team directly and can put forward their request. Our support team will usually respond within 24-48 hours depending on the priority of the support needed. 

We are always on the look up for up and coming talent so if you feel you have what it takes why not get in touch using the Contact page..


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