customer feedback

This module is used to set up templates, record, store and analyse customer feedback details:

Feedback Templates

The content of the feedback questionnaire is set by the user with unlimited questions.

The question has associated with it the following attributes:

  • A system assigned unique question number
  • The question text
  • The status
  • The response Type : Rating, Text, Memo, List of valid responses, Yes/No.
  • Display sequence
  • Mandatory response flag
  • Comments mandatory flag.

New Feedback Response

This is the form that displays the user defined template and records the responses using the parameters set in the feedback questions listed above.

The form may be called from a number of places in the CoolLogic CRM system when a customer is selected or directly from the customer dashboard ribbon.

Feedback history

The feedback response form also houses the facility to view previous responses from the same customer to monitor any changes.

Feedback Analysis

Ready prepared feedback dashboard type analyses exist to show quantities of feedback responses collected etc.

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