stock control

The integrated multi-depot stock control module contains all of the features expected of a general distribution based stock control system with the addition of a number of enchancements to merge the functionality directly with the requirements of bottled water or coffee  and associated equipment distribution systems.

Such features include full stock batch tradability, storage of equipment and movement history by serial number.

This Stock Control system has multiple depot facilities and incorporates van stock processing when used with the mobile applications.

A brief summary of the functions available include:

Stock dashboard

This function will provide a central screen and a dedicated set of ribbon options to view and maintain all aspects of the stock system.

  The enquiry functions include:

Stock levels and locations

Stock activity with user entered selection criterion

Stock record audit changes

Order pre-call

Special prices for the selected product by customer

Quick access stock grid.

General stock record attributes

Code and description

Stock group

Reorder details

Minimum stock Reorder quantity

Minimum buying units

Lead time

Default warehouse location

Pricing & quantity discounting

Product substitution and associated products

Special stock record attributes

Box size



Stock type

Sale unit

Shelf life

Batch No. required

Item for return (palettes, bottles etc.)

Normal and alternative supplier details

VAT & nominal codes (for financial system interface)

Stock adjustments

Stock adjustment facilities include the express entry for single items or batch entries for multiple adjustments.

If integrated to a third party system this function will also update the stock position on the third party database.

Stock taking

A dedicated set of functions exist to set up location or product based stock takes that may be paper of mobile system based. Stock take result entries screens exist to match the paper stock take sheets for quick entry, mobile data sets are collected automatically.

Stock adjustment batches and reports are produced that will also If integrated third party system, update the stock position on the third party system database.

Supporting elements

The CoolLogic distribution modules summarized above are all complemented by a number of supporting elements that include maintenance function for coded attributes as well as inclusion of all of the integrated general functions; document management, grid functions, notifications & alerts etc.​

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