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Diary System

The standard diary functions are embedded within the CoolLogic CRM module.

Any diarised events that are resource or internal user related etc. will be viewed on the internal diary that is set by user definable resources that may be a user of another resource e.g. meeting room, pool car, etc.

Dedicated functions in the system may automatically update the diary system, the diary dashboard might also be used to directly enter events.

diary resources

This functions allows diary resources to be maintained, these may be a system user or another entity.

If a user, the user should be selected and then the normal available times entered for controlling the diary display periods.

If another entity, then this should be given a code and description as well as the available times.

The functions also allow the entry of ad-hoc unavailable period of absence or non-availability.

"Behind every successful business is an efficient and organised diary management service and system. "


This allows the maintenance of absence reason codes for use in the diary resource functions.


The diary by default will display the diary of the logged in user with time zones based upon their resource availability. It will be pre-populated with any tasks or appointments and double clicking a time zone will result in a dialog being presented to view, edit of create an entry based upon the application mode.

The Diary integrates fully with CoolLogic CORE with Call Back, Task Management and Prospect appointment functions.

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